When I hold my breath and breach the surface of the Sea, a whole new universe opens for me. A world of endless possibilities, where my own limitations vanish, I become one with the liquid element and I merge into it. Whatever the goal is, my body adapts to it and draws on the resources I need in order to accomplish the task.

Freediving allowed me to overcome my weaknesses, by understanding how our body and mind function, it helps me feel how strongly and intrinsically connected we are to the Ocean and its inhabitants.

This fascinating journey is what motivates me to always go further, to always dive deeper.



On January 17, 2021, Walid set a new World Record in the Variable Weight discipline, achieving a depth of -150 meters in the deep waters of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.



WORLD RECORD Variable weight: -150 m 

Free immersion: -116 m

Constant weight: -116 m

Constant weight no fins: -79 m

Static: 7min 38’


World Champion – AIDA World Championships 2022 FIM (-116 m)

New World Record in VWT: -150m (Sharm El Sheik, 2021) 

Silver Medal at CMAS World Championships 2021 CWT

Bronze Medal at CMAS World Championships 2021 FIM

Bronze Medal at CMAS World Championships 2021 CWTB

2 bronze medals at Vertical Blue 2021

Continental records and 2 gold medals in CWT and FIM at the European Championships (Kalamata, 2020).

Gold Medal at the Caribbean Cup (Roatan, 2018).

2nd in the world ranking for FIM in 2017, with -116m.

Silver Medal at Vertical Blue (Bahamas, 2017).

Gold Medal at Nirvana Oceanquest (Colombia, 2017).


Walid was born in France. He began to dive and to spearfish in Tunisia while he was a child. Many years later, after finishing his studies in computer science engineering and while discovering the world, Walid fell into freediving.. nearly by accident. Surprisingly, it was in Colombia, at 2600 m elevation, that Walid took his first steps into professional freediving. Despite many obstacles, he succeeded in gradually making a name for himself in the circle of the best divers. Since 2006, he has participated in several international competitions, winning medals and honors. In January 17, 2021, Walid set a new World Record in the Variable Weight discipline, to a depth of -150 meters, breaking the previous World Record of -146 meters and achieved a milestone in the history of human potential.


Freediving allows me to discover a myriad of different aspects involved in the functioning of the human being. 

It helps me understand how we work, think and perform. It’s a fascinating journey that starts from within.


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